20"x 30" poster commemorating Dale Earnhardt and his seven NASCAR Winston Cup championships. Poster mediums were Prismacolor marker, Prismacolor pencil and graphite. Poster was completed in 1996 and signed by Dale, himself.

One of a number of illustrated player projects that were completed during the 1995-2007 span while I was a photographer for the Phillies and White Sox farm team in Kannapolis. This was for infielder, Kevin Nichols, who was on the first Phillies team roster in town, the Piedmont Phillies that moved here from Spartanburg, SC. Poster mediums were Prismacolor pencil and graphite.

One of several posters created for the 2001 Kannapolis Intimidator team (Chicago White Sox). Heath Philips helped the 2001 team win the South Atlantic League Championship, the franchise’s first top honor. Poster mediums were Prismacolor pencil, watercolor and Prismacolor marker.

Joe Gillikan, one the 2001 Kannapolis Intimidators that won the SAL Championship. Mediums were Prismacolor marker and pencil and watercolor.

Another champion from 2001 was John Lackaff, infielder. Mediums used were Prismacolor marker and pencil, along with watercolor and graphite.

2002 Intimidator pitcher, Ryan Wing. Prismacolor marker and pencil with watercolor.

Another 2002 Intimidator pitcher, Kris Honel. Mediums used were Prismacolor marker and pencil.

Yet another Intimidator pitcher, this poster doubled as a commemorative one as well! Brian Miller became the first Kannapolis Intimidator to throw a no-hitter on June 10, 2003. Prismacolor markers and pencils, with a watercolor base, helped bring this history to canvas.

Another 2003 pitcher, Todd Deininger. Using the same three medium components, players chose their images from what I had captured earlier in the season.

2004 Intimidator field captain, catcher, Charlie Lisk. Anumber of photographs were chosen to illustrate a combined throw to second base and homerun swing.

In memoriam sticker designed in remembrance of those lost…

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