Twenty-Six Acres Brewing Company (Concord, NC) wanted to update and freshen their logo without venturing away too far from what they already had. Securing a logo look that’s pleasing and works across social media platforms, printing and retail items was a must. We’re looking forward in seeing how Twenty-Six Acres Brewing gives it life…Cheers!

The new restaurant ownership of this Oak Island, NC, restaurant wanted something “fresh and exciting” as they were taking over a previously closed eatery. Using a sketched look for the anchor, this became, well, the anchor of the entire project. Add a few nautical items that juxtaposed themselves nicely with the logo text and we’re ready to dive in!

Martin Truex Jr. Motorsports wanted something new and different than what they’ve had since their NASCAR Sprint Cup racing inception. The “implied T” design was chosen and creates an “A-ha!” moment with Martin’s initials that utilize bold, accompanying text. The MTJ logo can be seen on all print collateral, website and collectible merchandise throughout the NASCAR racing season.

Based on a referral (love those!), Austin Hill and Kendall Sellers formed the Legends car alliance, AK Performance. They wanted “Simple but stylish” and really needed it to be read well from the stands. Simple, bold and leaning with speed, this logo is great for apparel, signage and web. If you see at the track, you’ll definitely will see it more than once…maybe even winner’s circle!

The Kannapolis History Associates logo displaying three types of history and how they are recorded: archived, written and photographed. The three colored squares represent our textile past, transitional present and biotechnology future.

These were the primary and seconday logos for Northwest Middle School (The Titans). Wanted the school to have a logo type that no other school in the area had – to really set themselves apart. The Titan head (school identity) needed to appeal to the student body as the Titan “T” needed to represent the school well on any printed collateral materials. Both are bold and reproduced well on web and print.

A free-hand logo drawing in Illustrator. A random client who wanted something different...

This customer "left the door wide open" on concept. It helped in reflecting on the airbrush artists that were on the Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach, SC during vacation days growing up!

Sweet Pickle’s owner discussed the naming of her business and wanted a visual to be associated with her baked goods. The word “sweet” makes people think of dessert, she said, while “pickle” conjures up lunch. The logo was hand-drawn to appear handmade, just like the breads, cupcakes and cakes she crafts.