For a while now, I’ve been meaning to carve out time to post images of things I’m fortunate to get to do or have done, that have substance, are funny or cause you to think after adding quips of fun dialogue. I found that, after switching over from film-to-digital a decade ago, I’ve enjoyed adding my own little creative, adlib verbiage as subtext to certain, choice images. Maybe a quick story (I’m full of those) or just something that’s funny to me. (Yes, I laugh at my own jokes…)

Anyhoo, I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos of numerous things and have been thinking of which one to lead with on this “newbie” page. The decision was short order…gotta be those folks that live with me, watch after me, depend on me…and vice versa, Jen and The Twinz. This hobby-turned-living is in part, for them, with them and because of them. This photo/design gig I have going sure helps take care of schtuff sometimes.

So, if you see a photo or composition that you like, let me know, and let me know why. Hopefully, we all learn something from it…

Thanks, y’all,