Graphic Design and a watercolor graphic for Concord Downtown Development Corporation’s, “Concord on Canvas” fundraiser.

A complete fundraising campaign for a high school athletic booster club. The individual photo shoots, graphic design and print files were provided for print collateral.

Graphic design and photography for Dale Jr’s Whisky River restaurants. As far as creative approach, they let me run with it…

Graphic design provided to Null Furniture as they headed into the spring market portion of the year.

Davidson UMC asked for some attractive design and print collateral that would entice their large membership to donate to the capital campaign that was headed their way. Incorporating actual member’s photos and quotes from a wide range of age groups helped include everyone to empower each other to further support the church’s incredible growth.

Most folks around these parts like their BBQ! Whenever there’s a good “Q” plate to be had, it doesn’t hurt to make sure they know how and when to get it. These graphics encompass an entire fundraising event! – From promoting sponsors and creating their online and social media graphics, print deliverables, maps and wayfinding, as well as on-site graphic promotions, too! This graphic package has created a niche in the community and lots of hungry folks look for it…

Logo created along with six bottle label designs for a local winery. Artwork was scanned and recreated to black & white renditions of various cougar “poses”. “Aggressive” poses were paired with red or dark wines and colored labels, whereas more “docile or timid” poses where matched with white wines or zinfandels and lighter shaded labels.

This grassroots campaign for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians earned a gold Aster Award in late 2013. I had prior experience designing wayfinding for this client, so I was very familiar with the culture and various color and graphic preferences that were implemented. This project was very meaningful going in, just as much as the results were afterwards. Being a people whose higher percentage may not believe in modern medicine, in this case, women’s breast health awareness, it was nice to design a concept where the male population had gotten involved through photo shoots, print collateral, voice overs and PSAs. After the concept was presented and unanimously approved, the local community was covered with a blanket of awareness. The results showed that 25% of those breast exam appointments made, were kept. That equated into hundreds of Cherokee women, young and old, that were further educated and may have furthered their life expectancy.

Carolinas HealthCare System used many of these rack card-sized informational items. This particular card helped direct patients and visitors to the brand new CMC-Kannapolis, standalone ER, that was close to the campus of CMC-Northeast Medical Center.

Myers & Chapman, a general contractor in Charlotte, NC, wanted unique Christmas cards, other than what all the other companies ‘out there’ were sending to their client base. It was their concept each year to display a present job ‘in progress’ with their green, double bar logo – sometimes hidden in the composition. CMP&D produced several years of original card images and printed them with vivid, 4-color C2S gloss stock.

Concord Downtown Development Corporation desired to direct it’s city’s visitors to their requested places without fail. A simple and easy-to-read collection of Historic Downtown Concord’s vendors and restaurants are coupled with broad, simple graphics and a photographic image that conveys the essence of the Downtown experience.

Brochure design and photo (right) for The Dale Jr. Foundation. Concept was open on this project. Subtle use of the logo flames added depth. Dale Jr's favorite colors, black and orange, plus the addition of the photos and an asphalt texture made for a great combination for their foundation.